4EU+ online seminars on "Artificial Intelligence Techniques, Applications, and Social Issues"

Data-driven induction of non-classical sets

4 February 2021
16:00 – 17:30 CET

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The seminar will describe some recently proposed supervised learning algorithms designed in order to infer the membership functions of fuzzy and shadowed sets, by exploiting a procedure originated in the realm of support vector clustering.

Short bio

Prof. Dario Malchiodi is an associate professor at the University of Milan, Italy. He received his PhD in Computational Mathematics and Operations Research from the University of Milan.

His research interests are in uncertainty in machine learning, data-driven induction of fuzzy sets, compression of machine learning models, machine learning in the medical domain, mining of knowledge bases in semantic Web, and negative example selection in bioinformatics.

He has been longtime involved in computing education for primary and secondary schools, in teacher training, and in the orientation of students and prospective students. He is currently engaged in several activities devoted to the popularization of the computing field.