4EU+ online seminars on "Artificial Intelligence Techniques, Applications, and Social Issues"

Artificial intelligence as a question of civic education

1 April 2021
16:00 – 17:30 CET

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What does it mean that we are surrounded by artificial intelligence? What consequences does this have for our daily life and for the skills needed to participate and work in a civic society? Furthermore, how does educational systems respond to these demands for teaching towards future society with an increased automation of cognitive processes? The talk combines a philosophical and educational take on the problem and aims at answering the question ­ how do we educate for a society shaped by artificiall intelligence.

Short bio

Henrik Kragh Sørensen: TBD

Morten Misfeldt is Professor and leader of the Center for Digital Education, Department of Science Education and Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. His research is placed on the intersection between digitalization of teaching and learning and mathematics education. He has published on game-based learning, learning analytics, the role of digital tools in mathematics education and on the influence of tools and representations on mathematical thinking. Recently Misfeldt has worked with the digitalization of infrastructure for teaching, as well as with the interaction between technology education and mathematics education.