4EU+ online seminars on "Security, Privacy, and Data Protection"

Quantum computing and its implications for cryptography

20 January 2022
16:00 – 17:30 CET

Link to online seminars: Zoom


The seminar will give a high-level introduction to the area of quantum computing and explain its relevance for cryptography. On one hand, quantum computers can compromise the security of existing cryptosystems. On the other hand, the seminar will discuss how quantum effects can be leveraged to build protocols with security guarantees that are beyond the reach of conventional technologies.

Short bio

Laura ManĨinska is an Associate Professor at QMATH, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. Her main research focus is the theory of quantum information and computing with the goal of identifying new information processing tasks where quantum technologies hold an advantage over conventional ones. She is particularly interested in the phenomenon of quantum entanglement and how it can be leveraged for operational and cryptographic tasks. In her research she combines tools from different areas including complexity theory, optimization, and graph theory. Before her current appointment at QMATH, Laura has held postdoctoral positions at the National University of Singapore and University of Bristol, UK. She holds a PhD in Quantum Information from the University of Waterloo, Canada.