Touchless 3D Fingerprint Recognition

Most of the fingerprint recognition systems use touch-based acquisition devices, which suffer from important intrinsic problems, such as non-linear deformations of the captured images, non-uniform contrast of the fingerprint regions, presence of latent fingerprints on the sensor surface, sensibility to dust and dirt, and low social acceptance. Touchless fingerprint recognition systems based on CCD cameras are studied in order to overcome these problems.

With respect to techniques based on single images, the studied methods based on three-dimensional models permit to compensate perspective distortions and to use the additional information related to the three-dimensional finger shape.

An important characteristic of the studied approaches is that they do not use finger placement guides, reducing the acquisition constraints with respect to most of the contactless fingerprint recognition systems in the literature. In order to require a minimum level of user cooperation, all the studied approaches are based on images captured in a single time instant.

The studied techniques regard different aspects of contactless biometric systems: acquisition, quality evaluation of biometric samples, 3D reconstruction, computation of contact-equivalent images, matching algorithms, and computation of synthetic samples.

Three-dimensional finger surface

Computation of the three-dimensional finger surface

Three-dimensional models to contact-equivalent fingerprint images

Computation of three-dimensional minutiae

Method for the computation of synthetic three-dimensional samples

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